Full Moon in June Horoscope

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This week is the start of June's Strawberry Moon. The Strawberry Moon in June signifies the ripening season for strawberries so get out there and pick out some strawberries to enjoy the summer weather with! 


  • Start the week right and book a trip or vacation. If you need to get away from it all, make your move now.
  • Mid-week, you may encounter a situation where you need to speak up. You might be able to see the situation from a compassionate and spiritual perspective, and this may help you move through it.
  • At the end of the week you might begin to see the truth about a matter, giving you an entirely new perspective. Take some time out for self-care and being with your family and close ones. 
  • Finally, Sunday can be perfect for a special date and generally enjoying life.


  • The start of the week might bring up potential for some drama and feelings to be exposed. It's an opportunity to clear the air and let go of anything that no longer serves your best interests.
  • You might have more courage to speak out honestly. If you find yourself dealing with people who seems stubborn and whose ideas are rather out of date, use your tact and discretion when engaging in any discussions. There is the potential for arguments unless you can deal with this sensitively. 
  • Friday can help you take stock of your present commitments and encourage you to seek out new opportunities.
  • Enjoy a break on Sunday and do something that makes your heart sing.


  • Monday indicates that that a relationship could come to the fore, especially if you’re having issues. This can be a good chance to clear the air and release any tension.
  • At the same time, financial matters may continue to frustrate you, and issues could come to a head in this regard. You might have your mind set on a certain outcome, but if you try to force the pace, it could take a long time for you to get what you want. Go with the flow for now.
  • Friday can shine a spotlight on money issues and help you make some wise decisions over the coming four weeks. 
  • Sunday can be an excellent day for a special date or social event that you’ll really enjoy.


  • You might want to lighten your schedule at the start of the week. Feelings may be running high, and there could be some unexpected drama to deal with. Cutting back your workload will help you take this in stride. 
  • Midweek, you could be pitted against someone who seems to be putting pressure on you. You might see the extent to which they’re attempting to control you, and this could encourage you to distance yourself from them if necessary. 
  • Friday is your day. Over the next four weeks, you might be eager to initiate plans and ideas that can move your life forward. 
  • Sunday looks like it will be a delightful day, and a social event could bring out the best in everyone.


  • The week could put you in the mood to enjoy outings, relish a romantic date, and generally kick back and recharge your batteries. Still, it could be more hectic than you expect, with perhaps a touch of drama added in. It might be wise to lighten your schedule this week because intense influences could see you facing one or two dilemmas. 
  • One side of you might resent having so much to do, and you could sabotage a project or idea without realizing it. This might be an opportunity to take stock before it’s too late and cut out those activities that you already resent. 
  • Friday is a chance to tie up loose ends and clear up any emotional baggage. A psychic de-cluttering could leave you feeling refreshed and more present. 


  • Monday could bring heightened feelings on the home front, especially if there are things that need to be discussed. There might be a tendency to be very blunt and honest, but employing a little sensitivity may be the best way to handle such matters. 
  • Midweek could be especially volatile, so if you prefer not to get involved in a spat, avoid sensitive issues at that time. Someone could be jealous of you, or you may have feelings for them that are rather intense. This could lead to relationship difficulties or even the cessation of a friendship unless you can talk things through and find middle ground.  
  • Friday can be a call to get more involved in local activities and perhaps do more networking.


  • Be careful what you say at the start of the week because you certainly won’t hold back. You will be telling the truth rather than being your usual tactful, diplomatic self. Some people may be shocked by this. 
  • At the same time, there seems to be ongoing tension concerning your home and family situation and your goals and ambitions. Things could intensify over the days ahead, and you might feel like someone is trying to manipulate you into doing what they want. Things in this regard could be easier next week, so you might want to leave any major discussions until then. 
  • Friday could encourage you to showcase your skills. This isn’t the time to hold back but to be bold. 
  • Finally, some delightful social events could be in the cards for Sunday, so enjoy yourself!


  • Will you splurge on Monday? You could head out on a shopping trip or enjoy an online spree. It might be very tempting to go over the top, so if you’re going to indulge, set yourself a limit. 
  • You could have a lot to say on a subject on Tuesday, and so could others. Arguments are a possibility, and they could get fairly intense. If you don’t want to fall out with someone, it might be wise to tread with care midweek. 
  • On Friday, open your eyes to the potential in a romantic bond. On that same day, you might feel ready to enjoy a getaway and a chance to recharge your batteries.


  • Monday might be an opportunity to let go of anything that no longer serves you. Whether it’s a habit you want to release or a situation that has affected you personally, it’s time to jettison it for good. Going out to socialize? You can have a very enjoyable time. 
  • Finances may be a bone of contention, and some conversations could be intense. Things might come to a head midweek, and if so, this can be a chance to make a decision to transform your money situation. If old habits are holding you back, understanding this could be a turning point. 
  • On Friday, you could begin to see the real reason why a family issue has dragged on for so long. 
  • Sunday will give you a chance to resolve an issue that may have been draining your resources.


  • The start of the week could bring buried feelings to the surface. If there is something you’ve been reluctant to discuss, getting it out in the open could leave you feeling much better. 
  • Relationships might be powerfully intense this week, with the potential for disagreements in the cards. Things could come to a head midweek. If you’ve put up with a situation for too long, this is when you might feel a need to say something. A sensitive approach can make any discussions more productive. 
  • With Friday, try to see the truth about a situation or project in which you’ve been in denial. Friday will also be the best day to find the best way to move forward with a key bond or business partnership.


  • An upbeat celebration can make a great start to the week, meaning things could be very buoyant and enjoyable. Watch out for some drama, though. 
  • You might be doing a lot of thinking about your current schedule and the way your daily life pans out. There’s no need to put so much pressure on yourself, however. Understanding why you do this could be the key to feeling happier and more relaxed. 
  • On Friday, be encouraged to take a closer look at your income and expenditures. Money may be leaking away without you even realizing it. It’s time to take stock and put an end to it. Finally, adopt habits that will enhance your health and overall productivity.


  • You could find yourself in the spotlight at the start of the week. It might be an announcement or an opportunity to share your feelings about something. Whatever it is, making it known can be a chance for you to garner support. 
  • You may be feeling creative on Tuesday. Share your ideas because much good can come from doing so. Even if others seem to be jealous or resentful of your skills and the quality of your work, don’t let it faze you. Although someone could be unnecessarily critical this week, they’ll soon leave you alone. Don’t give up. 
  • The coming months can help you to see the truth about an issue that has been on your mind for some while. 
  • On Friday, it’s time to kick back and have some fun.


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