Cancer Weekly Horoscope

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Cancer Weekly Horoscope - Feb 16 2020 - Feb 22 2020

The secret of success during this week will be 'team work'. You will need to be a dedicated team member. You will not be able to accomplish much all by yourself. Students will be particularly inclined towards learning new subjects, especially arts and other related skills. The week is favourable for students pursuing technical and commerce related subjects. Long term investments you had made in the past will mature during this time. You will be blessed with cash surplus. However, you will need to keep a tight leash over unwanted expenses. The attachment between you and your beloved will be positively emotional. Do not be discouraged if your partner seems to be dissatisfied. Keep trying and mould your personality to your partner's liking. Sometimes, your sensitive nature could play a havoc over your mental state causing several periods of intense fatigue and dullness. Try to control your tendency to get upset quickly.

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