Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope - Feb 16 2020 - Feb 22 2020

This is an extremely favourable week for considering expansion of business. Salaried employees will be presented with several offers of better and more lucrative jobs. There is no harm in accepting. Do not enter into futile arguments with your siblings. Doing so will only lead to broken relationships. Any misunderstandings of the past with your partner will be amicably resolved this week. This is a very mediocre week in terms of finance. The flow of your income shall keep fluctuating. This week is not favourable for considering new investments. Planetary influences are in favour of students pursuing graduation in science and technology. A minor health ailment may disturb your academic progress temporarily. Hard work, diligence and perseverance will be rewarded. Keep yourself occupied with hobbies that you used to have once upon a time. Be very careful while driving, as there is a distinct possibility of an accident during this period.

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